Textbroker has moved to Payoneer

My last post to this site talked about some changes to the Textbroker payout system. I didn't really get into why it was such a big deal.

I also didn't talk about the fact that it was part of a larger transition they were in the midst of. It was a step towards moving from PayPal to Payoneer, which has now been done.

That initial change has made a big difference in my life and saved my bacon a few times. On several occasions since that happened, my paycheck went from very little to dramatically more between the time I requested my pay and the time it actually paid out.

I generally live hand to mouth and I'm frequently trying to come up with enough money to squeak by this coming week. Getting more of my funds sooner rather than later due to this one change has really made my life dramatically less stressful.

In recent months, they've been signing up new accounts with Payoneer instead of PayPal. On December 27th, they moved old accounts -- like mine -- over to Payoneer.

It only took a couple of hours or so one evening for me to make the switch, but I was under the weather and didn't get a paycheck the first week in January because I didn't work. I had only 70 cents in my Textbroker account. It needs to be at least $10 to get a payout.

While I was working the next week, I saw some internal memo about how Payoneer was paying slow and this was a problem for some people. Textbroker arranged for two payouts the following week to help makeup for that, which didn't directly impact me because I didn't have funds available in time for the first payout period that week.

They actually sent out an email last October talking about the possibility of moving to two payout periods per week starting in January. This doesn't seem to be that. It's not lining up with the description in that email and they haven't changed the messaging on the payout page. It still says one payout per week, basically.

So when I had enough money yesterday, I requested my pay thinking it was possible they might do a payout today based on some of these half remembered messages I've been seeing. I wasn't seeing an announcement, but I was broke. So I requested pay, crossed fingers and forgot all about it.

Between 8:30am and 9am, I got two emails from Payoneer indicating I was getting paid today. The money didn't arrive until 2pm, but it did arrive today. I think my only other Payoneer paycheck also arrived around 2pm.

So I no longer need to request my pay from Textbroker and then move it from PayPal to my bank account. I generally paid the "give me my money NOW" fee on PayPal because I'm always strapped.

Unlike PayPal, Payoneer goes straight into my bank account. So it has eliminated both extra steps and some fees for me.

This is all really good news that will make my life more manageable. It is a very big deal and I don't feel like this post begins to convey how thrilled I am with these changes to their payout system.