Textbroker has improved the payout process

Historically, you requested your payout before midnight Thursday night and you got an email saying "You requested your payout. It is $XX.xx amount." because it released however much was in your account at the time of the request. This meant if more articles were accepted after your request but before midnight, you didn't get that money.

You could make a second request if more articles were accepted, but only if the total was at least $10. I used to write a lot of articles that paid less than $10, so trying to decide when to request my pay was often stressful for various reasons. 

(Here lately, most of my work is more than $10 per article. I'm both writing longer pieces and getting more per word.)

Their payout process recently changed. Now, you get a message saying "You requested your payout" and explaining that you will get whatever is in your account when they make the payout on Friday.

I'm thrilled to pieces. This is a huge, huge improvement.