Monetizing Your Own Original Work

These are ways to make money on your own original creations. What makes sense will vary from project to project and person to person. A financially successful blog, web comic or other online project often uses more than one means of monetization.

This is a means to make products you can sell. You can make t-shirts with sayings or original art and other products. Some web comic artists seem to do well with selling products of this sort. This is not the only platform for such products.

Etsy is a platform for selling original hand crafted goods that you made yourself.

If you have a blog, web comic or similar, this is an ad network. It takes a lot of traffic to make much money this way and ads are generally doing more poorly in recent years, but they still make some money for some people.

Pay Pal tip jar
A Pay Pal tip jar performs a bit better than a donate button. This link is to instructions on how to create one.

This is a relatively new means for artists, writers and others to support their work. Fans pledge to give you a certain amount of money each month because they want to see more of your work.

This list is not comprehensive.