Making A PayPal Tip Jar

I no longer use Pay Pal donate buttons on my websites and I don't recommend them. People interpret donate buttons as "You are a charity case who is panhandling the internet." A tip jar has gotten better results.

Go into your PayPal account and find the option to Create payment buttons for your website. (When I did this yesterday, it was buried in a wall of text.) Click on Create New Button and select the option of Add drop-down menu with price/option.

After you fill it out, it should look something like this:

Notice what I circled in red. That is the preview of how it will appear on your site. When I paste the code to my site, I edit that down from $1 $1.00 USD to just $1.00 USD (and $3.00 USD and $5.00 USD, respectively). That looks more attractive on the site and less cluttered.

The important detail is that you want the menu items to have different names. I used $1, $3 and $5 for the names because the name shows on the checkout page.

The first time I made a tip jar, I named every payment level "Tip." This broke the payment button. No matter what they selected, it defaulted to the first listed amount of one dollar.

You also need to go into Step 3: Customize advanced features (optional). Say "yes" to letting people change the quantity. That will allow people to tip as much as they want.

I also have it take them to a custom "Thank you" page on the same site when their transaction is completed.

There are easier solutions these days, such as PayPal.Me and Buy Me A Coffee. At this time, I am actually moving in that direction overall.