Writing Under Difficult Circumstances

I started this blog in part because writing for Textbroker has been an effective means for me to make money under very challenging circumstances. I have serious health issues and, until recently, I was homeless for several years. So, I created this blog in hopes of helping other people with very challenging life situations to start making money in a way that can lead to better things.

I also blog and do resume work. My blogs don't make much money, but I do get some tips, ad money and I now have a few patrons on Patreon. I hope to eventually talk about making money blogging, but it is vastly easier to talk about making money via Textbroker.

I recently created a flyer to promote this site and linked it on a homeless site I run. In the original version of the flyer (since updated), I specifically mentioned that it is possible to make money this way while homeless. I did it. It can be done.

You do need to have a photo ID and mailing address to create an account with Textbroker. They currently only pay via Pay Pal, so you must have (or successfully create) a Pay Pal account (which means you also need a bank account). You will need to have computer and internet access to do work for them. (Though I have done a lot of work for them on a small tablet. It is challenging, but can be done.)

I never mentioned to any of my clients or staff at Textbroker that I was homeless. I did my best to work when I felt I was functional enough for it. I am now back in housing and healthier, but I still have days when I get a whole lot of nothing done due to my health issues. Here lately, my lack of productivity is usually due to exhaustion and sleeping instead of being in agony.

I try to be responsible and not hold articles unnecessarily. It is always a judgment call and I struggle with it some days. Some days, I do the reading and research portion, take a break and get back to it later. Other days, I think that will happen, but I never do get back to it. If it becomes clear to me that this is just one of those days where work is simply not happening, I try to let the article go as soon as I am clear about that so someone else can work on it.

So it is possible to make money via Textbroker under very challenging circumstances, such as with chronic health problems or while homeless. But, it isn't a charity and you need to be mindful of trying to handle things professionally. Your personal challenges and how they impact your work schedule need to be your problem. Don't make them Textbroker's problem. Don't make them a client's problem.

If you aren't going to be available every day for some reason, you can go into your account and indicate you are unavailable. When I was homeless, I sometimes did that for library closure days. I wasn't going to be online and it didn't matter why. Other people may have been taking that day off because it was a holiday and they wanted a break and family time. I was taking it off because I didn't have internet access. I was dependent on the library for getting online.

The reason why I was going to be unavailable was not really important. You don't need to explain that part to anyone. But, if you aren't going to be available, you should put up notice that you won't be.

If you are homeless, you need to come up with a mailing address to put in your profile on Textbroker. I know someone who used a relative's house (with permission) even though it was far away.

You do have to have a mailing address to have an account with Textbroker, but they don't send you a lot of mail. They used to send me a tax form once a year in the mail. These days, if you do enough work in a year to qualify for a tax statement, they make that available via a secure online system.

I am now in housing. I hope to develop this site further. While still homeless, I made over $300 in a week on my two best weeks with Textbroker, though I didn't get all that money in one paycheck. Some of the work did not clear until the following week.

There are people at Textbroker making a lot more money than that. I work very part time due to my health issues. If you are more energetic than I am, you can make real money this way.

You need to get good at it so you have at least a 4 rating. You need to learn how the system works for creating a funnel to better paying work, such as how to get on better paying teams and get direct orders. You also need to put in the hours.

If you are dealing with very challenging personal circumstances, such as health issues or homelessness, and you can't work a regular job, working for Textbroker can bring in money in the here and now and also can build towards something better for the future.

You don't have to start out as all that good. I was rated a 2 for a time. I worked at developing good processes and figuring out how it all works.

Now I can do as much as $300 worth of work in a single week and I am clear that is nowhere near the upper limit. I still don't really work that much, though I certainly put in a lot more hours on weeks when I do $300 worth of work than on weeks when I do less than that.

If you get good at it, learn to create a funnel for better paying work and put in the hours, this can be a middle class income. And it can be casual income in the here and now while you work on getting there. You can start with terrible circumstances and pathetic earnings and gradually grow your income with Textbroker.

I hope to eventually find other avenues for people with serious challenges, but this is one I know for a fact can work because I did it. I have known at least one other person who did Textbroker while homeless, though they threw in the towel at some point and didn't put in the kind of sustained effort I put in. I really wanted to make this work, so I worked at it.



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