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Writing Under Difficult Circumstances

I started this blog in part because writing for Textbroker has been an effective means for me to make money under very challenging circumstances. I have serious health issues and, until recently, I was homeless for several years. So, I created this blog in hopes of helping other people with very challenging life situations to start making money in a way that can lead to better things.

I also blog and do resume work. My blogs don't make much money, but I do get some tips, ad money and I now have a few patrons on Patreon. I hope to eventually talk about making money blogging, but it is vastly easier to talk about making money via Textbroker.

I recently created a flyer to promote this site and linked it on a homeless site I run. In the original version of the flyer (since updated), I specifically mentioned that it is possible to make money this way while homeless. I did it. It can be done.

You do need to have a photo ID and mailing address to create an account with Textbroker.…

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