Self-editing is hard and autocorrect seems to be getting more aggressive

In recent weeks (or months) I feel like I am writng a LOT of gibberish. I go back over blog posts of mine and, wow, there are insane amounts of typos and silliness happening.

I have terrible eyesight and a medical condition and my ability to pay attention to what I'm doing can vary a lot and there is a pandemic on. I thought I was just really deteriorating or under enormous stress or something.

I have come to believe that at least some portion of it is auto-correct algorithms being updated and auto-correct being more aggressive and weird. I often call it "autocorrupt" anyway and did so before things got so zany here lately.

Editing your own writing is hard anyway. You read your own writing and you see what you intended to say and miss the fact that you left out some two- or three-letter word or whatever.

Some things that can help:
  • Reread it after taking a break, even if just going to the bathroom and coming back five minutes later to get your head in a different space.
  • Make use of tools, like spell check and grammar checkers.
  • Use "preview" mode or similar rather than reading the raw text in whatever interface you are using.
  • Slow it down and read more carefully.