When the Queues are Low or Empty

Often, there are several thousand articles available across all the open order queues on Textbroker. At the moment, there is a pandemic on and the queues have a lot less in them than usual.

Last week, they had like 3000 articles. The other day, they had around 500 articles. Yesterday, they had a few dozen articles.

I don't know if authors are working more and emptying out the queues or if clients are putting in fewer orders or a little of both. Most writers seem to use Textbroker as supplemental income. I imagine some are suddenly trying to ramp up their income to make up for lost income elsewhere in their lives because of the lock down.

I've been an author with them for about eight years. I had a low rating at one time, which only gave me access to lower rated work. I often logged in only to see zero work showing that I could access.

There was also a slow down of orders once when they raised their pay rates. The queues were not empty, but they had less in them than usual.

Even if there are zero articles showing, you aren't dead in the water. New articles show up periodically throughout the day.

If there is absolutely nothing, just keep checking back every few minutes. More work will show up.

This is what I did when I was a 2-star author. I just kept checking.

You finally find an article, you pull it. Now you are working. You can't look at the queues anyway while working.

After you submit it, you check the queues again. They may or may not be empty.

You only need one article maybe every twenty minutes or an hour, depending upon how long the piece is and how quick you are. It only takes ten orders worth $10 apiece to hit $100 for the day.

So you don't need there to be thousands of orders available. You just need to find the few you will write today.

Once I realized that, it bothered me a lot less for the queues to be low. Or even empty temporarily.

While you are waiting, you can work on filling out or improving your profile. This is a means to get direct orders.

If you are at least a 4-star author, you can also spend that time looking through their Teams and applying to Teams that interest you. If the open orders queues are empty but you are on multiple teams and they have work, you have work available.

Once I was 4-star author and on several teams, it was much less often that I faced a situation where I was having trouble getting enough work. If you are having trouble getting enough work, then start developing your funnel.

This means:
  • Do a good job and get your rating up.
  • Apply to teams.
  • Work on your profile.
If there is no work available, look up grammar resources to study, read through the Texbroker forums and find out what challenges other authors have dealt with, look up style guides to familiarize yourself with AP Style. There are some resources listed in the sidebar of this site to help you get started on those things.

The lack of work is only temporary. There will be work available again at some point -- possibly five minutes from now.