Textbroker and Covid19 and The Future

I've been a 1099 remote/gig worker for Textbroker for several years now. This website started as a quick start guide for Textbroker because I kept telling friends online who had lost their job or whatever that they should try it and they just didn't get it.

I am medically handicapped and I was homeless when I began working for Textbroker. It was actually recommended to me by a guy named Patrick McKenzie whom I wrote because everyone felt he was smart and knew things. It turned out to be one of the best tips I ever got through anyone on Hacker News.

My understanding is that Textbroker has thousands and thousands of 1099 workers. Internal messaging suggests to me that the vast majority of them only work very part-time and probably use it as supplemental income.

Textbroker has been trying to actively encourage more writers to work full time. They do have an office in Las Vegas and recently moved everyone at their main office to work-from-home arrangements. Their writers already were 1099 remote workers getting it done from wherever they so chose to work.

Textbroker is unusually well-positioned to weather this storm. In fact, it could be a growth opportunity for them.

If you are newly unemployed or unemployed due to Covid19, I highly recommend you sign up and become a writer. Read through my suggestions and feel free to email me any questions you might have so I have a better idea of what to write about.

If you need some writing done, I highly recommend the service as a way to hire workers who have some control over their lives and can work from home and all that. Because Textbroker is my main gig, my life has been relatively lightly impacted by the pandemic.

Some years ago, I wrote a blog post trying to encourage people on Hacker News to develop other services on the Textbroker model. It was basically ignored. Maybe this time it won't be.

I hope Covid19 proves to be a growth opportunity for Textbroker. I'm a huge fan of their business model, which has been an extremely positive experience for me as a gig worker trying to make life work under very difficult circumstances.

No, this is not paid advertising. I'm just some loud-mouthed, brassy broad who routinely spouts her opinions on the internet and I'm a fan.