Why Do I Write About Making Money Online?

I've been dirt poor for years and trying to figure out how to make money as an entrepreneur, especially via internet, for a lot of years. Most of the world has not been helpful. In fact, people have often been actively hostile towards my efforts to try to figure this out.

So, some background:

I was a homemaker and military wife for a lot of years. In spite of having a lot of college and knowing how to get things done, making money - especially in an entrepreneurial fashion - mystified me for most of my life, even though I long tried to study the subject.

Starting in my teens, I read books and articles about working for yourself or starting a small business. In my thirties, I attended free classes sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce aimed at helping local small businesses succeed. I learned enough to file a fictitious business name with the county and set up a business bank account, but it didn't result in an actual business happening.

In my forties, I got divorced and got a corporate job. I had already spent some years blogging, had an Adsense account and belonged to some affiliate programs for making money with ads on my websites. I was still failing to figure out how to turn this into steady income.

I have health problems. My crappy apartment and corporate job were both helping to keep me sick. So, at some point, I quit my job to take my alimony and go sleep in a tent while working on figuring out how to make money online. I spent 5.7 years sleeping in a tent -- AKA homeless -- while figuring this out and paying down debt.

I am back in housing and trying to expand the ways in which I earn money while still keeping to a very lightweight business model. I'm a one woman shop who gets some feedback from my adult sons who still live with me. They have a project of their own they hope to turn into a revenue stream.

I find it helpful to write about this stuff. It helps me sort things out in my own head and I actually use my own websites for reference so I can find things again.

I hope this website will be helpful to a few people like me in some fashion -- women, former homemakers, handicapped people and homeless people -- who may not get taken very seriously when they need to try to figure out how to support themselves somehow.

If it helps you, please consider giving back so I can afford to continue doing this.