This Site Began as a Quick Start Guide for Textbroker

This website was started as a quick start guide for writing for Textbroker. I've worked for them for a few years.

I began making money writing online while I was homeless and very ill. At some point, I had some online friends who were in a pickle financially because they were between jobs and I would say "Oh, you can make money online via Textbroker!"

And they didn't get it. So I started this site in hopes of helping some friends of mine figure out Textbroker more readily.

Textbroker is great because you can work as much or as little as you choose. You can use it to supplement your income if your regular job isn't paying enough or you can use it as a primary income.

There's a low barrier to entry, but there isn't a low ceiling. I make a lot more money via Textbroker than I used to and I am nowhere near hitting some earnings ceiling. There's a lot more earning potential for me there.

I'm currently just a 4-star author. The highest pay grade is a 5-star author. Teams also tend to pay more than the open order queues. Direct orders can pay more as well.

Additionally, in my case, simply putting in more hours would further improve my income. I'm healthier than I used to be and I'm no longer homeless, but I still tend to only work part time.

It is possible to make a middle-class income with a solid future via Textbroker. Meanwhile, it is up to you how much or how little time and effort you put into it. You can do it part time while learning your craft and establishing your reputation as a solid writer and building towards a more solid future.

It's also a great back-up plan in an unstable job market. If you lose your job and already have a track record with Textbroker, you can just increase the number of hours you work for them.

At some point, I may add information about making money writing online via sources other than Textbroker. I also blog, edit resumes and do a few other things to make money.

But, for the moment, this basically remains a quick start guide for people interested in making money writing for Textbroker.

The above content was published as the "About" Page on December 17, 2018. It is being published as a post because I am in the process of combining content from several low content websites of mine here.