Finding 1099 and Remote Work Online

If you work for a service like Textbroker, you are a 1099 contract worker, not an employee. It gets called that because 1099 is the name of the tax form you get if you make over $600 in a year.

This site gives you a leg up on how Textbroker works so you can hit the ground running as a freelance writer. Just check for the posts with the Textbroker Label to find that information.

Here are a couple of other online services:

Moonlightwork: Work for Software Engineers and Designers (Additional info)

Upwork is the largest and best known online service of the sort. I am not a fan, but some people do make it work.

Below are some remote jobs resources.

Hobo with a laptop: Remote Jobs (Found via Reddit.)
The site also has related resources, like this article:
60+ Digital Nomad Tools We Use to Work Remotely During Travel

Ask HN: Remote-only job boards
Flex Jobs
Total Jobs: Remote
Remote Employment
Remote jobs at The Guardian
Career Builder: Remote

Remote Friendly offers a mailing list with a weekly email of new remote jobs. They also post new positions via Twitter and Facebook.
This searchable service scrapes the Hacker News monthly feature "Who is Hiring?" and maps the jobs. They also get job postings from elsewhere and make it easy to find remote listings.