Getting Started with Textbroker

I signed up a few years ago. Apparently, a few things have changed since then. I recommend you check out these two videos by Textbroker to help you get started:
My recollection: You need to give them an email address and create a password. You have to give them a short writing sample. After they rate it, you can start pulling orders and doing paid work. After you do 5 orders, they lock your account so you cannot pull more and they rate those orders. After those orders are rated, you are free to work as much as you feel like. (This is the point where I got myself in trouble, something I will address in a different post.)

In order to get paid, you need a PayPal account. Before they will pay you any money, you need to submit a tax form. Once all those details are arranged, you need at least $10 in your Textbroker account to request your pay. If you request it by midnight on Thursday, you should see it in your PayPal account on Friday.

They do have a proviso stating that it can take a few days to show up in your PayPal account, but I usually see it there first thing in the morning on Friday. There has only been one time that my pay showed up "late." It was in my PayPal account in the afternoon that Friday instead of in the morning.

After you complete an order, the client has three four business days to accept it or request a revision. So, weekends and holidays, it can take a bit longer. Teams also often say that it can take more than three days. This is because articles on a managed team get read by an editor before being accepted. Sometimes, the editors are backlogged. Though, in practice, I find that teams typically accept articles more quickly rather than more slowly.

This turn around time means that articles written after Monday may not pay out until the following pay period. However, I have noticed that Thursday sees a higher than normal tendency to get articles accepted that day, sometimes even articles written that morning. Clients are apparently aware that Thursday is the cut off for getting paid that week and some seem to make an effort to ensure you get paid the same week you wrote it.

The turn around time means it can take as much as 10 days to 2 weeks between the time you write an article and the time it shows up in your PayPal account -- or as little as one day if you wrote it Thursday morning and it was accepted by the client before you requested your pay that day.

Unless you have a Paypal debit card, you then need to move the money to your bank account. I used to routinely get my Textbroker money in my bank account on Monday. These days, I frequently have it on Saturday. Once in a while, especially if there is a bank holiday, I still do not see it until Monday.

Paypal now has an option to get it almost instantaneously transferred to your bank account. You have to give them your debit card number and they currently charge for instant transfers.

In practice, if I need X amount of money that week, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are the days I need to work hard to try to hit a particular number. Work done Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday may not get paid until the following week.

Page updated December 17, 2018.